People go ape for this stuff.

As part of its mission to bring art to the masses, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts asked the agency I worked for to create something that would build buzz for their upcoming season. They had the classical music crowd and the opera lovers. They wanted to connect more with the average guy on the street. As part of a coordinated guerrilla marketing campaign, we created an underground organization that brought art to the people through a series of "art attacks."

Taking part in the art.

There were also events that encouraged the crowds to participate, including random chalk art that materialized overnight surrounded with buckets of chalk and ideas for people to draw.


We are for art.

The organization was called Fireswallow, and it was made up of student volunteers who wore this red shirt, emblazoned with their bold manifesto. Some of the art attacks included Mozart, a string quartet randomly playing music on street corners; and Particle Man — a mysterious man in a suit of lights who showed up at major public events and handed out cards with a glowing LED lightbulb.

Vote for art.

With election season in full swing, we created "Vote for Art" campaign signs and flooded busy shopping areas with hundreds of signs. And we were thrilled when students started stealing them and displaying them in their dorms.

The big reveal.

Finally, on the night of Krannert's season opening party,  we emblazoned our underground mark on the side of the Krannert Center letting everyone know that they were behind it all.