I know a good headline when I hear it.

We weren't sure what this hospice brochure needed to say. All we had was the basic layout and a few striking images that the designer had selected. And then someone uttered these nine words — "I just want my kids to remember me strong." That simple thought gave this piece its soul. From there it was just a matter of capturing the center's purpose and the diversity, and wrapping it up with a poem that resonates within anyone who's ever cared for an aging parent.

Remember me strong.

They were soldiers who sang songs of being home for Christmas and mothers who made home the best place to be. They enjoyed precious moments together and filled every corner of their home with memories. But  now those memories are fading. And they're the ones who need to be nurtured, leaving the people who love them with one tough question to answer. Where do we go from here?

Remember me confident.

"Inside, I'm the woman I've always been. I want my daughter to know that."

At Memorial Medical Center, there is a special place. Where personal dignity is valued and quality care is provided, so that guests decide for themselves the way they want to be remembered. Because there are words that shouldn't be left unsaid. And important moments that shouldn't be missed because little things got in the way.

Remember me proud.

"I learned really young that no on limits your potential but you."

There are people who teach valuable lessons every day. Sometimes through their words, and sometimes through their actions, they speak volumes to their sons, to their daughters and to others around them who take comfort in their strength. They teach the importance of honor. The value of a hard day's work. And the ability to make tough decisions when the wrong choice is so much easier. At Memorial Hospice, we value the nobility of the human soul, and we've made a place where those who understand it can share their experience with generations to come.




Remember me strong,
Because I was the one who held you when you were weak.
Remember me confident,
For I was the one who gave you wings to fly.
Remember me wise,
Because the lessons I taught you, I learned the hard way.
Remember me always,
For your thoughts keep my spirit alive.