When worlds Collaborate.

In 2002, the agency I worked for was acquired by another company. The move brought two different companies together under one roof. And I created this piece to help us speak with a singular voice.



Convergence is more than the point where everything comes together; it's the moment when everything changes.

We're not a Web company that can "do" advertising. Or an agency that can "handle" the Web. We're Roundtable, the place where it all comes together to create convergence marketing — a singular approach with infinite possibilities, designed to give you more.



The Power of "What if?"

The  spork. One day it wasn't. And the next day it was — a lasting symbol of the power of singular thinking. All because someone had the guts to ask the simple question, "What if?" At Roundtable, you'll hear that question a lot. What if we used guerrilla-marketing tactics to spark new interest in an established brand? What if we created an e-commerce system to streamline fundraising efforts for a not-for-profit organization? Sometimes the right questions can open up a world of possibilities that never existed before. What if you had a marketing partner who understood that? What would it do for you?"